Monday, 30 January 2012

Getting your money back from KWSP.

Getting your money back from KWSP.
Peace For Everyone...
I am now working the in the primary side of our health system and in the past year I have learnt some things that I never would have known working in hospital especially about allowances and claims(financial gain and stability are some of the reason of why we do our job right..)

Before that I would like to congratulate all the Medical Officers reading this for the overdue review and increment of our On Call Allowances,hopefully there are part of it for Infaq,InsyaAllah.
I would also like to offer condolence for the House Officers as your RM750 Critical Allowance were abolished and from what I heard most of you guys still have not receive the RM600 promised for the shift system,hopefully the sum will be paid fully later(though if it’s considered an allowance,most probably you would not be getting it,be prepared)

I assume that most of us already know that once we are HOs ,part of our salary are automatically put aside into KWSP(about RM400++) ,and once we’ve agreed to sign our pension scheme we are entitled to get back the sum collected by KWSP.

Here I would like to tell you guys the steps of getting your money back as soon as possible.
First and foremost,you are entitled to get it only if you have signed the Skim Berpencen(you are now a government servant till you’re 60)..

After a short while(in my case,nearly 2 years),the documents you signed will be sent to SPA,Human Resources in Putrajaya from your respective JKN via your Pusat Tanggung Jawab.You will receive a notification from your JKN for this.

Meanwhile you can easily check the progress of the process “Semakan Taraf Berpencen” here and clicking Semakan Status Urusan Perkhidmatan (sometimes the portal are offline,so be sure to pray hard before logging in..)

After some processing there(a few months),the guys in Putrajaya will write a 1 page letter to your current management notifying that the process was a success,which will arrive at an amazing speed of one month++.You will hopefully be notified of this(I went to check myself at the office)

Once they received this notification,your salary will be updated promptly( around 2 months),and you will receive the pay without any KWSP cut(you can comfirm this by checking the E-Penyata Gaji site which annoyingly can only be opened with Firefox and Internet Explorer)

Then you can go to your nearest KWSP office(just a mere 145kms for me) and check your balance,approximately 45% of the total sum is yours. They would then give you some forms to be filled,some of them must be signed by your current employer/superior(most of us won’t be able to do this in a day),and remember that all copied documents must be presented with the original and verified by a grade A officer.

If all goes well,you’ll receive the full amount in your account soon(it’s still a mystery even for me)..

P/s:These are the steps I’ve taken...your PTJs(Pusat TanggungJawab) may differ and hopefully are more efficient...mine is considered OK...and if you’ve been moving around it may take longer...

6 maklum balas:

apakah sebab2 utk keluar dari skim kwsp?
bolehkah utk tidak join skim ni in the 1st place?

Bila start kerja(houseman),akan automatik masuk,cuma bila ambil skim pencen,kita boleh keluarkan untuk buat apa2 kita nak.

kalau ambil skim kwsp boleh keluarkan caruman bila berhenti kerja bila2 masa.x pasti prosedur dia.

bole keluarkan duit kwsp dr dua2 akaun ke, i mean akaun 1 dan akaun 2 ke?

as far as i know...akaun tu ada caruman majikan n caruman pekerja..kita boleh ambil caruman pekerja tu...

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