Monday, 12 December 2011

Patient's Story 1:Pak Cik's train..

As doctors,we spend a lot of time talking to patients and some of them have such interesting stories and habits that made them more memorable than the usual "cough and cold"

I have the habit of telling the most memorable ones to my wife during our long commute to Kuala Balah and one day she said"I think you should write them"

So here goes,it may be nothing to others,they may not learn anything from this..but I think..should write this..

Pak cik's train...

When I was in my medical posting, I was attached for a few months at hospital Kuala Krai along with two buddies of mine.

Our usual workday consist of doing rounds in the ward,with the MOs or specialist,doing the chores they ordered,then going down to the clinic to see outpatients.

There I met an interesting patient,a pakcik with heart problems and was admitted to our hospital a few months before.

He lives in a rural village deep in Gua Musang and the only way he can come for follow ups is by a train after trekking for a few kilometers from his village.

The problem was that the train will go through his village only in the morning and later in the evening.

If he takes the morning train,he would arrive near midday to the station in Kuala Krai and after taking the bus/taxi to the hospital he'd arrive at noon,when the clinic was already closed(we only open till 1 pm).

So, still keen for our follow up,he decided that the best way was to take the evening train 1 day before his date,spend the night on the hard aluminium couch in the waiting area of the clinic(he can't afford accommodations and have no relatives in Kuala Krai)!

He never complained and in the end we only noticed what he was doing after a few follow ups...

Some of us collected money to help him with the commute even though he never asked for it.

A few months ago,I met a friend still working in Kuala Krai and asked her about the pakcik,she told me that they now made an exception just for him,the doctors will see him at 3-4pm so that he can catch up his both of his more sleeping on the couch

So busy doctors out there..You may be tired with a throbbing headache from the sleepless night before,but remember when a patient comes to you,he may be spending the cold night on the couch spending rm40 for the trip while he makes only rm5 perday...ask him..


2 maklum balas:

This is a good story to help new doctors to understand that patient has to be treated in a good way. They deserve best treatment. Don't show your tired face. Look at them from once they step in into the room and give a smile.

Treat them as you are treating your own family. You see them as you are seeing your mother on the bed. You talk to them as you are talking to your father. You encourage them as you are encouraging your brother. How do you treat your own family? Practice the same to your patient.

they don't care how much you know until they know how much you care...

the story was not just for junior doctors..but also for the more senior ones who have already forgotten(like me)...

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